Declaration of Performance

The submission of a Declaration of Performance serves as the basis for the CE mark and takes place after comparison with the 'harmonised technical specifications' set forth by the EU. The performance of a construction product is defined in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation with respect to its relevant characteristics. At the same time, the manufacturers document that they bear responsibility for compliance of the construction product with the submitted Declaration of Performance and observe the European legal regulations.

The Declaration of Performance provides information about all relevant technical characteristics. For technical insulation, specifications for heat conductivity and fire behaviour are obligatory. Water vapour diffusion resistance and thermal stability play an important role as additional performance characteristics. In order to fulfil the requirements, initial test is required at first and is then supplemented by later in-house production inspections.

The following are tested according to European standards:
  • Fire behaviour (for applications which require regulations over the fire behaviour)
  • thermal resistance
  • Water absorption / water vapour diffusion resistance
  • operating temperature range
  • Emission of harmful, corrosive substances


European product standards for insulation for technical building equipment were drafted such that they correspond to the current Construction Products Regulation. The same applies for insulation which insulates technical plants. In addition, expanded basic requirements are also taken into account, such as those for hygiene, health, and the environment.

The member companies of CEFEP have joined under the umbrella of Güteschutzgemeinschaft Hartschaum e.V. in order to correctly and comprehensive implement the EU standards. In doing so, the syndicate avows itself to uniform quality assurance for FEF and PEF insulation. Therefore, dealers, building planners, and tradesmen can always be on the safe side in their product selection.

Information about the specific performance data is available from the websites of the respective manufacturers, wherein detailed product descriptions are provided and direct requests can be made. 

Classification of fire behaviour

Country-specific classifications were replaced with the introduction of European fire classifications (A to F). Flat products (insulating plates) and linear products (insulating tubes) are differentiated between. The latter are also identified with the subscript 'I'. The SBI testing process (Single Burning Item) is applied for flammable insulation. It evaluates a construction product's contribution to a developing fire. The ignitability test is also applied. The specifications for smoke formation ('s' for 'smoke') and burning droplets ('d' for 'droplets') have been added recently.

Information about EU directives

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The Construction Products Regulation is the most important treatise from the European Union for the European construction material industry.
Information about which EU Directives also play an important role for the use of technical insulation can be found here.